Club Personnel

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Name Position Phone Email
Aoki, Jen Front Desk Manager 801-479-6500
Carlsen, Jan General Manager 801-479-6500 x3330
Clancy, Terry Massage Therapy 801-479-6500
Clegg, Kyle Membership Director 801-479-6500 x3323
Martinez, Connie Membership Director 801-479-6500 x3323
Talbot, Rod Facility Director 801-479-6500 x3324
Wangsgard, Athena Childcare Director 801-479-6500 x3325
Buckway, Marybeth Business Office 801-479-6500 x6
Miller Rees, Kathy Business Office 801-479-6500 x312


Name Position Phone Email
Beus, Bitty Personal Trainer/ TRX 801-479-6500
Ward, Brenda
Hassell, Lindsay CrossFit/ Parisi Director 801-499-0084 cell
Mendoza, Edgar Fitness Assessor 801-479-6500 x0
Voight, Becky Group Fitness / Boot Camp / Personal Trainer 801-479-6500 x0


Name Position Phone Email
Spencer, Jill Business Office - Tennis 801-479-6500
White, Mike Tennis Director 801-479-6500 x5

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