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 Our O.A.C Speed and Agility Training Program  provides athletes of all ages high-level training from certified athletic coaches. The school aims to improve performance in every sport from basketball to track & field to surfing.



We offer a wide range of programs to fit the needs of your athlete or team.

Youth:  Ages 7 – 10 - Improving fundamental athletic skills & self-esteem for young athletes.

Junior Varsity:  Ages 11 – 13 Develop & enhance athletic performance

Varsity:  Ages 14 – 16

College Prep:  Ages 17+

P.E.A.K:  Ages 17 & Above - Designed for the high-performance high school, college & professional athlete

Team Training:  All teams, any age!

Designed to assist Sport Coaches to help teams improve Team Speed & Agility, Movement Efficiency, Power & Endurance, Team Unity & Work Ethic, Injury Prevention, Nutrition & Recovery.

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How it Works

Each new rookie begins with an evaluation, where a series of speed and strength tests allow examiners to assess the athlete’s superpowers and competitive kryptonite. Speed seekers will be placed in a class level best suited for their age and ability where they will receive unlimited training for 1 month.

Class Levels

For young guns finding their feet, the Jump Start program (ages 7–11) offers a fun and friendly environment to build confidence and a strong foundation for future physical feats of mythic proportions. For teens, the Total Performance program (ages 12–18) improves strength, speed, agility, and endurance. And for those who hold sporting aspirations beyond the high school gym, the P.E.A.K. program (ages 17+) helps the sports stars of tomorrow run faster, jump higher, lift heavier, and sign autographs more rapidly than ever before.

About Parisi Speed School

Parisi Speed School was named one of the top 10 gyms in the country by Men’s Health magazine. Since the school opened in 1993, over 127 Parisi-trained athletes have been drafted into the NFL. Future stars will have access to 4,000-square-foot facilities with sprint tracks, turf fields, and strength-training areas perfect for forging the next generation of athletes.









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